Salvatore Fresta
IT Security Expert and Freelance Developer

General Information

Name: Salvatore Fresta
Birthday: 07 Aug, 1989
VAT: 05105610876
Phone: +39 347 7155210

Hi, my name is Salvatore Fresta

My name is Salvatore Fresta and I currently live in Catania (Italy). I'm the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder at SqueezeMind.

My main interests lie in information technology. At present I am studying IT security at the University of Milan.

During my studies at college, even though my interests and knowledge were comparable to that of my classmates and even teachers, I took it upon myself to learn more than I was taught by reading specialist books focussing of programming, as well as writing my own software. You could say that my curiosity for IT became the overriding feature of my student life.

I have a particular interest in security flaws. I am specialized in the analysis, auditing and exploitation of web applications, but I have broadened my security interests in many other fields such as networking. Whilst gaining experience in IT security disciplines, I discovered flaws in both closed and open applications.

Although my main interests lie in the world of computer security, I have extensive experience in software development. As a result of this, I became a senior developer.

The experiences I gained during my professional life have allowed me to forge a career path to a senior management position. This enabled me to gain managerial experience and strong leadership skills.

In recent years, I have had the opportunity to acquire extensive knowledge in the domain of online betting, developing several gaming and affiliate platforms that comply with responsible gaming rules and regulations, including all the necessary safety precautions (heavy encryption, decentralized backups, and so on).

Additionally, I have a wide range of experience in SEO techniques and am well-versed in web marketing strategies.

Besides information technology, I have other hobbies such as playing sports (for me sport is a source of healthy living), reading books, listening to music and socializing with friends. I am a lover of good beer and I often delight in the creation of homemade beer and mead.